Journey Forth

19 March, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

Filed under: Family,Funny Thoughts,Humour,Life,Original,Poetry,Random,The Good Life — by Karen @ 8:05 pm

A young girl who always wore red,

Came home to her mother who said:

“Go visit your Grandma; she’s really quite ill,

Take her this basket of cakes if you will.”


So she walked away, taking the cakes,

Never realising what was at stake.

While she was walking, with the best intentions for her Nan,

Someone was following her, as quietly as anyone can.


Out shouted a wolf, from behind a tree:

“Oh, little girl, I call to thee!

I see that you are headed over there,

So, tell me, you are headed to… where?”


“My Grandmother’s house,” said the lass,

“She is ill and is strapped up in a cast.

I am going to give her some cakes,

Now leave me alone, you troublesome fake!”


Ran away, did the young girl,

Leaving the wolf’s mind in a swirl,

“I know where it is – the house of the old bat,

I’ll go there – and pull that trick out off my hat!”


When the young lady reached the house,

No sound was heard – not even a mouse.

She walked up to the Grandmother’s room,

And what she saw nearly made her swoon.



The eyes, the ears, the TEETH

Well, her grandma had changed beyond belief!

Before the lass could say any more,

A wood cutter loudly burst through the door!


“Stay away, Red Riding Hood!

This isn’t your Grandma – it’s the wolf up to no good!”

The woodcutter stabbed an axe into the wolf’s tummy,

And out cried a voice that was so funny:


“Get me out! He gobbled me up, and then pretended to be me!”

The woodcutter pulled at the wolf’s stomach – and who should it be

But dear old Red Riding Hood’s Nan, finally free

And here is the end of the tale, so it’s goodbye from me.


As written by my thirteen year old daughter.




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