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9 June, 2008

I wish I could stop biting my nails!!!

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I have bitten my nails for as long as I care to remember. There is nothing that particularly triggers the nail biting. I do it without being fully aware of what I am doing.


Periodically, I have a concerted effort to stop and break the habit. And that time has come again.


My best success was about five or six years ago.


I used a process called the paradigm shift as advocated by Tony Robbins. The first stage is to think about what it will be like once I have stopped biting my nails – what will I feel like, what will I look like, what will I hear.

It is necessary to think about these things in great depth to such an extent that I can look at the existing nails and see the new nails. Constant and in depth thought bring about a situation where by when ever I look at my nails, a vision is created of the new nails preventing me biting.


Five or six years ago, I reached the stage where my nails were long enough to go to a nail bar and have them manicured and painted. I was so proud.


My down fall came when returning home from holiday abroad. On a prior occasion, we had returned home to find that the water tank had been over flowing, leaving the lounge flooded and a collapsed ceiling. This has resulted in every holiday having an intensely stressful homecoming. I bit all ten nails within about ten minutes!!!


So, it’s time to try again!


I will keep you posted.





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