Journey Forth

7 June, 2008

Wearing our Purple Hats

Filed under: Family,Humour,Life,Poetry — by Karen @ 5:40 am

My friend and I are of an age
Like independent cats.
When we don’t care what other’s think
We say we’re wearing our purple hats.Miss Priss and I (that’s not her name)
Have tea, discussing world affairs.
She brings the scones, I bring myself.
Noone disturbs us…. Noone dares!
Admiring her tomatoes, barefoot, grinning,
We chat and think we’re terrific!
We are, of course, our world is spinning.
Neither of us ever gets sick.

When we sail along, quite free from care
Our purple hats a-flapping
I sing out loud, she hums along
And all four feet are tapping.

Oh, no, my dears, we aren’t THAT old,
Just inching past the stages
That plagued our youth with old self-doubts.
We’ve turned those weary pages.


I found this poem on the web – by Katy L Walswik.




  1. I quite fancy a purple hat!!

    Comment by Lynn — 17 June, 2008 @ 10:22 am |Reply

  2. I think I will have a purple hat – it is about doing what you want in life. I haven’t got one yet, though!!

    Comment by Karen — 18 June, 2008 @ 7:28 pm |Reply

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